Exam Packages

Exam for a Specific Issue

This examination is ideal for when a tooth troubles you in between your regular exam visits, or if you wish to attend only to a specific issue.

This appointment is suited for a sensitive or broken tooth which needs immediate attention.

We will assess the cause of the issue and let you know the different treatment options and the costs of these. During assessment, we will take a digital intra-oral periapical X-ray. This is charged separately.

We will usually allow extra time in this appointment for if you wish to start treatment.

Full Mouth Exam

This comprehensive examination is a baseline gold standard as dental disease is progressive. Early detection from regular holistic screening and tracking results in the best possible oral health outcome for you with minimalistic intervention.

We will screen your whole mouth for oral cancer, gum disease, bite and jaw joint health and function, and aesthetics. During screening, we will take 2 digital X-rays. We also recommend a standard hygiene session during the same appointment. X-rays & hygiene sessions are charged separately.

We use Photos and Digital 3D teeth modelling with time-lapse technology which helps to overlap and digitally track your smile, tooth wear and gum recession over many years.

Whole Mouth Exam
Exam for a Specific Issue